The Loop Squad. Group ADR. Voice Casting.
The Loop Squad. Group ADR. Voice Casting.
mark sussman of the loop squad

Mark Sussman

Mark Sussman has made a name for himself in the Looping world by specializing in voice matching, dialects and efforts. He is a highly respected voice over actor known for being extremely versatile, reliable and multi-talented. He began his acting career at a young age guest starring in numerous television series such as 21 Jump Street and Beverly Hills 90210. He then went on to perform Sketch Comedy and Improv at the Groundlings Theatre. His ability to create characters, impersonate and think on his feet made him a stand out and lead him to his career in Group ADR. Over the years Mark has been called upon by the industry’s best, to re-voice, voice-match and loop hundreds of major films and television series. He has matched the voices of everyone from Brad Pitt to Brad Garret and mastered dialects from Standard British to Farsi. Mark teamed up with Patty Connolly to form The Loop Squad in an effort to create a Loop Group with a genuine passion for the craft and the ability to deliver amazing performances every time they step to the mic.

patty connolly of the loop squad

Patty Connolly

Patty Connolly honed her acting and improv skills performing in numerous productions in College where she studied theatre and fine arts before finding her way into voice-overs. She has been working steadily since having moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia in 1991. Patty has extensive experience in Group ADR, beginning with 8 years on the various Spelling Productions including Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. She brings an intuitive sense to the stage, which enables her to direct and meld a diverse group of talented actors into a living background for each project. In addition to her skills on the stage, Patty’s management abilities round out the partnership by providing meticulous organizational skills and fulfilling all aspects of administration. Her knowledge and experience helps provide our valued client with the most efficient and talented team available for all projects.

erin myles of the loop squad

Erin Myles

The newest member of The Loop Squad, Erin began her acting career at a young age in Toronto, Canada performing in live theater and small roles in local television and film. She eventually made her way to Los Angeles where she quickly found The Groundlings Theater and her passion for Sketch Comedy and Improv. As a member of the Comedy Group “Davidson!” she wrote and starred in digital shorts for National Lampoon, Super Deluxe & College Humor and performed live shows to rave reviews at the San Francisco Comedy Festival and the Chicago Sketchfest to name a few. Loop Group seemed a natural fit for Erin because of her vocal range of her ability to inhabit any character or environment with knowledge and confidence. She is methodical both on and off the stage and has proven to be a valuable member of the team in both Casting and Administration.

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