The Loop Squad. Group ADR. Voice Casting.
The Loop Squad. Group ADR. Voice Casting.


The Loop Squad Group ADR is dedicated to providing high quality group walla for feature films and television series.

Headed up by veteran voice-over actors Mark Sussman & Patty Connolly, The Loop Squad is reinventing the business of Group ADR.

From the first meeting with the Post Team, to the final mix, The Loop Squad is involved in every step to guarantee complete satisfaction.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Group Coordination/Scene Direction

Each project is viewed and cast meticulously based on it’s individual and unique needs. Every actor is auditioned, and upon request, an audio copy of their performance will be provided.

The Loop Squad will stop at nothing to find and cast actors who authentically fill specific project needs such as dialect, language or vocation.

The Loop Squad truly believes that the small details make the big picture and it is our mission to create perfection one cue at a time.

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