what they say... "The Loop Squad is a great group. Professional, talented and inspired. I couldn't have asked for a better team." Stephen Chbosky, Director, Perks of Being a Wallflower I first worked with Mark & Patty in 2008 on "The Proposal." Since then we've done at least a half dozen films together. Mark & Patty have a wonderful way with clients... Their talent pool is fabulous!! Their work ethic and personal touch is what sets them apart... They are always there to help! Simply put, they are incredibly talented professionals. Karen Baker Landers, Supervising Sound Editor “The Loop Squad has shown extraordinary flexibility for casting and detail. The movies I have done with them have ranged from a serious foreign language drama with large crowds to a small family film featuring a cast predominately composed of children. In both cases, the Loop Squad captured the unique voice of each story and provided the fine detail needed for a dynamic soundtrack.” Ethan Beigel High Five Audio “The Loop Squad consistently impresses me with their ability to deliver exactly what Sound Supervisors and clients want. The group is always professional, diverse, and just plain talented. That in turn, makes us look good as well. I have worked with many groups and will refer Producers to The Loop Squad every chance I get.” Nav Singh Director of Operations, Novastar Post, Inc. “The Loop Squad are a pleasure to work with. Mark and Patty are always well prepared, cast great actors and are versatile performers themselves. When I work with them I'm confident we'll get everything needed and it will all play well in the mix. I recommend them highly.” Lou Thomas Sound Supervisor Aliens In America “Patty and Mark are AWESOME! Great group for TV and Film, do yourself a favor and pick up the phone, and sign yourself up with The Loop Squad!” Marshall Boone Associate Producer, Sit Down Shut Up references (contact info available upon request) Kim Waugh Karen Baker Landers Michael Minkler Myron Nettinga Todd Grace Marshall Boone Lou Thomas Larry Ellena Joe Carrillo Troy Porter Eileen Horta Warner Bros., Sr. VP Post Supervising Sound Editor Re-Recording Mixer Re-Recording Mixer Re-Recording Mixer Associate Producer Sound Supervisor BluWave Audio BluWave Audio ADR Mixer Sound Supervisor

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